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Basic Service


We will use one of our Hustler ZTR mowers with razor-sharp blades to mow your turf down to an even cut. We sharpen the hardened steel “fusion” blades every week, if not more, to insure that you receive the cleanest cut possible from the finest machine on the market. We also keep the deck level by managing tire pressure, we keep the deck clear of grass build-up to insure that it vacuums and lifts properly, and we regularly lubricate the chassis and deck to assure the best cut possible. We will cut “north and south” one week, and rotate to an “east and west” pattern the following week to give the best possible cut.

To put it short; we have the best mowers with the best blades, in the best conditions possible. And with years of experience, we won’t leave scuff marks and ruts all over the place.


Careful not to ding your trees or nick your flowers, we will get up close and personal with the objects in your lawn with our Husqvarna trimmers. Anything we can’t get with the mower is cut with a trimmer, which includes (but is not limited to) the afore-mentioned nearby areas of trees, swing sets, landscaping and the foundation of your house.


Husqvarna makes the backpack blowers that we use to clear the grass clippings from places they shouldn’t be. Streets, sidewalks and driveways get it first. The clippings from the mowing and trimming get blown back onto the grass from which they came, so they can decompose, re-hydrate and fertilize your lawn.

We also disperse by blowing apart any clumps and standing grass that occur in the lawn itself (within reason). Excessive grass collection is the result of mowing being done too infrequently. That can be fixed by mowing more often, and not mowing as short.