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Regular clients of Monaco Mowing Co. are billed through the mail at the end of each calendar month. Payment is due on the 15th of each month, and a self-addressed envelope is included with your statement. We do charge late fees on any account that has a balance greater than $0.00 on the 16th of any month. We accept personal checks, money orders and cash.

We request that first time clients pay for their first five services upfront, with either cash or check, at the time of service. There are several personalized options for this, so please don’t think you have to wait around for us to show up to pay us in person. Once you have paid for your first service, you can be billed monthly as described above.

Of course if you pre-pay your account, you can receive a discount! As well as avoid late fees altogether. Please see our Pre-Paid Bundles page for more info, or contact us!

While rather self-explanatory, a full explanation of our billing policy, including late fee and collections information, is available upon request.