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What do we do when not mowing grass?? Lots of things. However the one about which our president is most passionate is cycling. We are full-on serious about our road biking, and just like our company, we do it right and take no short cuts. We use the best gear and train properly with a high level of commitment. Long story short, the cycling makes us healthier in every respect, and that in turn helps the quality and reliability of the service we provide.

In 2011, Chris Blair, company owner and operator, was the Colavita/Zipp Time Trial Series Season Champion for categories 4/5, with event wins in Greenville, OH and Casstown, OH.

In 2012, he won the USA Cycling Category 4 State Championship of Indiana in the 40k Individual Time Trial.

Monaco Mowing Team rides Trek bikes, with support from Bike Line in Carmel. We ride all over the place all the time. Just look for us training all around the nearby counties; you can tell it’s us by the super-sweet black and white custom cycling jerseys that feature the Monaco Mowing Co. logos. We’re super fast too…serious.

For more information about Team Monaco Mowing and our enthusiasm for cycling, please don’t hesitate to contact us!