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Service Contracts Stink, Period

Other mowing companies will probably ask you to commit to a service contract, and some will bill you the same for a dry month where they come out once or twice as they do a very fast month where the grass grows quickly. This ensures they make the largest profit for doing the least amount of work. Plus, knowing they have your hands tied with a contract, they can slack off on quality, reliability, professionalism…pretty much everything you’re paying them to provide. There are multiple other problems with the service contract approach; not for the companies, but for you the client. That’s why we don’t do it that way.

Monaco Mowing Co. does not use service contracts. Nor do we use a flat-rate, monthly billing system. We will provide you with a quote for a single mowing service, and we’ll bill you each month for the number of times your lawn is mowed. Nobody likes signing up for a whole year or two of service do they? We’re confident enough in our service and our clientele is so overwhelmingly satisfied that we have never found them necessary. If we aren’t doing a good enough job that you want us and no one else mowing your grass, then we don’t deserve your business. Now don’t you wish your bank, wireless company and cable/satellite provider did things this way?