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Why Monaco Mowing Co.?

Why not do it yourself?

While we agree, when looking at pure, out-of-pocket, money-only expense, you will probably come out ahead by mowing your own lawn. However, you won’t save as much as you think, possibly very little. And what of taking the time and doing the work yourself? Is that part free too? Of course not.

Mowing your own lawn is not free. There are financial costs, opportunity costs and physical efforts and risks involved in doing the job yourself. If you absolutely love mowing your own lawn and just want to do it yourself, that is completely understandable. However to convince yourself that it is “free” because you have no mowing bill to pay is clearly, well, ridiculous.

Of course the money for gas and equipment is clear. But what if you scratch your nice new car dragging a lawn mower in and out of the garage? There are so many things to consider here it’s easy to overlook everything you have to do in order to simply avoid a mowing bill.

Ask yourself these questions about do-it-yourself costs:

  • How much does a lawn mower cost?
  • How much does a trimmer cost?
  • Do I need a blower for my grass clippings? A broom…?
  • How long do I expect that piece of equipment to last?
  • Where will I store the equipment, supplies and fuel cans?
  • How will I sharpen the blades and change the oil/air filters/spark plugs etc. in my mower?
  • How often should my equipment be serviced?
  • How will I transport that mower to and from the mower shop for repairs?
  • How much will those repairs cost?
  • How long will they have my mower?
  • How will my grass get cut while the mower is being serviced? Or when I’m on vacation or traveling for business?
  • Do I want to mix 2-stroke fuel?
  • Do I want to ruin a pair of shoes and other clothing each year by mowing grass in them?
  • How much gas does it take to mow for the season?
  • How much gas (and time) do I spend driving to the gas station to get gas for the mower?

Free Personalized Cost Analysis

We would be glad to help you analyze the financial expense of mowing your own lawn if you’d like. Please let us know and we will work with you to provide a free cost analysis of “Do-it-yourself vs. Monaco Mowing Co.” roughly calculating these variables. You’ll see about what it costs to do it yourself versus Monaco Mowing Co. You might be surprised!

Ask yourself these questions about the opportunity costs and practical problems of do-it-yourself lawn care:

  • Do I like mowing every week in the hot, humid summertime?
  • What else could I be doing instead of mowing?
  • How long does the complete process of prep, changing clothes, mowing, trimming, cleaning up the yard, cleaning up yourself, etc. take from beginning to end?
  • Am I giving up my weekends? My time off?
  • What are you giving up in order to take the time to mow your own grass?
  • Am I mowing instead of seeing my family and friends? Doing my hobbies? Working? Exercising? (No, mowing isn’t exercise…)
  • What do I do if it rains all weekend and I can’t get to it?
  • Do I really, honestly like this chore? Seriously???
  • Do I do a good job?
  • How will the grass get cut while the mower is being serviced? Or when I’m on vacation or traveling for business?
  • Am I healthy enough to mow?
  • Will I possibly hurt myself mowing my lawn? Then what?

Why use Monaco Mowing Co. instead of someone else?

Because we are the very best, plain and simple. What more could you ask for than what we deliver on every job? There are lots of reasons Monaco Mowing Co. is the right choice in lawn mowing:

  • Our reputation and service record are the best in the business
  • Outstanding quality of service
  • Professionalism that is unsurpassed
  • Accountability
  • Personalized, flexible service


We have been in business since 2003, serving the finest homes in the area. Our list of very satisfied clients is a very long one.

Quality of Service

Our service (described on this site under “Basic Service” and “Plus Service”) is the best mowing, trimming and clipping management available. The best equipment in the best condition operated by the best pilots in the business who have years of experience in all types of situations and conditions.

We are also reliable. We work six days a week and maintain a solid schedule. No guessing as to if or when we will be out to mow.


Professionalism means a lot of things. We get exactly what it means. We respond quickly to your needs and concerns with the appropriate course of action. We understand the importance of listening… And communication lines are always open and honest. Customer service is the backbone of what we do, and the manner in which that fantastic mowing experience is provided is just as important as the work itself. We don’t cut corners on service, nor with our relationship with you, the client.


The accountability you get from Monaco Mowing Co. is unsurpassed. You deal directly with the president of the company. We don’t have employees to blame and customer service departments to make excuses. We understand that the work we do is directly related to our success. In other words, it’s not just a job to anyone here; it’s a source of great pride.


Every lawn has its own unique characteristics, as does every home owner. We use our judgment on every job instead of treating everyone the same; and we listen and respond to your individual concerns and expectations regarding the shape of your lawn.

Monaco Mowing Co. is big enough to be reliable and provide fantastic service, but small enough to listen and respond. We have very few employees, and Chris, the company owner, founder and president, does most of the work and is present at nearly all times. If there’s an issue, you don’t have to go far or wait long to get your answer.